The Skeptical Handicapper

 Gray Horse KeenelandBarry Meadow’s upcoming new book, The Skeptical Handicapper, is about the truth of handicapping—what works and what doesn’t.  He brings his expertise earned from more than twenty years of full-time play.  In addition, the book contains dozens of never-before-published computer studies of various handicapping questions covering everything from speed figures to jockey surveys.

 The Skeptical Handicapper goes into topics rarely discussed in other handicapping books.  Sure, there are plenty of places you can go for handicapping information—TV analysts, phone selectors, Internet handicappers, computer programs, even handicapping systems.  How much is useful and how much is simply noise?

Can you really win at the races?  Barry Meadow has done it over many years, and in this book he covers everything from how to analyze a horse’s form to how to watch replays to how to take advantage of rebates and betting exchanges.

 The Skeptical Handicapper is scheduled for publication this fall.  To get your name on the mailing list for further pre-publication information, please send an e-mail to