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 	Master Win Ratings is our telephone ratings service 

that ranks every horse in California. Its power ratings
project what a horse is likely to do, rather than a
static figure based on what he's already done.
It's easy to use because it's just one number per
horse--one powerful number which already factors in many
handicapping elements. Just call our special ratings
line (888 214-2500 or 310 215-3223), punch in your pin
number, write the ratings into your Form or printout, and
immediately you'll find the best horses to play.
You can also, at no additional charge, get the
ratings e-mailed to you each day.
Nothing could be simpler.
We are in our twelfth year for one reason--the
ratings work.
To compile the ratings, a professional handicapper
studies videotapes of every race in the state, each day. A horse's rating is our
subjective opinion, rather than simply a speed number. The rating for each horse
incorporates a number of handicapping factors--recent speed and pace figures
(adjusted for trips, trouble, and biases), overall racing record, performance
cycle pattern, class analysis, recent trainer changes, odds in recent races, and
other factors.
A five-year survey of every race in southern California showed that in
races without ties, the horse with the top Master Win Rating won 30.4% of the
races--with no other handicapping. And while many were favorites, many others
were not. Not long ago in northern California, for instance, we had sole top
choices pay $22.00 and $35.20 on the same card.
The ratings can be used in a number of ways--to quickly determine
contenders, to find weak and vulnerable favorites, to look for strong key horses,
to see how competitive a race is, to note the field strength of a particular race,
to discover longshots with good ratings...the list goes on. The better
handicapper you are, the more you need Master Win Ratings.
When SportStat tested 15 services, including such pricey ones as the
Ragozin Sheets and Thoro-Graph, the only service to finish in the top 3 in all the
categories checked--win percentage, place percentage, show percentage, and return
on investment--was Master Win Ratings.
Even though we had--and have--the lowest rates of any similar service.
(When you subscribe for as few as 9 weeks, your cost is less than $1.99 per racing
day for both circuits.)
If our ratings put you onto just one good winner, or take you off one dull
favorite, they will far more than pay the cost of your subscription.
Who can benefit from Master Win Ratings? Pretty much any player who needs
to save time and make money:
* Weekend players
* System players
* Full-time professionals
* Computer handicappers
If you have any questions about this great product, call us today!

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Last modified on Tuesday, May 23, 2006