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	How would you like to make large dollars simply by clicking a few computer

buttons from the comfort of your home?
	You can, through Internet casinos.
	This new 65-page report by Barry Meadow shows you exactly how to make 

thousands, even tens of thousands, with little risk. The secret is to take
advantage of casino bonus programs. For instance, a casino might offer you a 20%
signup bonus with a playthrough requirement of eight times the deposit plus bonus
before you may withdraw the bonus. So if you deposit $500, you get a $100 bonus.
Play a total of $4,800 (8 x $600). Using the basic blackjack strategy found in
the report, you will lose approximately $25 playing so you will earn a net profit
of $75 (your bonus less the typical loss).
	Repeat this process in dozens of casinos, and the profits mount.
	And many of these casinos will continue to offer you further promotional

deals, sometimes worth hundreds of dollars per casino.
	This report will show you, step by step, exactly how to win this money.
	You donít need to know anything about blackjack to take advantage of these

programs (all the information you need is in the report). Nor do you even need to
know how to calculate how much any particular offer might be worth (our exclusive
chart is in the report, too). All you need to do is get the report, follow our
step-by-step plan, and begin winning money immediately.
	You may have heard that some casinos are dishonest, so you have to be 

careful. We show you exactly how to find the good casinos, and avoid the
questionable ones.

This winning, exclusive information is available nowhere else.
	All you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet.  We show you

exactly how to get started, how to begin winning, and how to keep winning.
	We show you how to open your accounts, how to make deposits and 

withdrawals, how to play, and how to collect your profits.

The report is written in plain language that anyone can use to win.
	Published in the fall of 2003 by Huntington Press, this is the 

breakthrough gambling report that will make you a winner. Just follow our simple
how-to instructions, and within a few days you can start earning big profits--
even if you play only a couple of hours a week.
	Call 800 378-2211 or 310 215-3222 to order, or use the ordering coupon. 

The sooner you get this winning information, the sooner you can begin
making big money at Internet casinos.

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