Blackjack Autumn – Reviews

“Blackjack Autumn chronicles an odyssey that is by turns hilarious, enlightening, suspenseful and even, at times, a bit depressing.  But it’s always interesting, thanks to Meadow’s eye for detail, brutal self-honesty and off-kilter sense of humor.”–John Pryzbys, Las Vegas Review Journal

“This is a funny, scary tour of Nevada casinos.”–Susan Skorupa, Reno Gazette-Journal

“Witty, informative, and outrageous, Blackjack Autumn will appeal to anyone who has ever yearned to chuck it all and make their living with a deck of cards.”–James Cox, Midwest Book Review

“Fresh, entertaining, and intelligent…Meadow’s book is as good as it gets.”–Howard Schwartz, Gaming Today

“Get this book!  It’s educational and hilarious…Even if you’re not a serious blackjack player, you will love this book if you like gambling tales.”— Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum

“This is a refreshingly entertaining, educational and hilarious book that I recommend to anyone who has ever placed a bet.”–Henry Tamburin, Jackpot

“It’s a very funny book that will appeal to the gambler in you.”–Alan Caruba, Bookviews

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