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Each 20-page edition contains a number of great articles and features.  Along with the monthly page 2 commentary, Newswire, and Q & A section, here are the contents of each issue.

October 2003 – Sold Out

September 2003

The Fundamentals Of Handicapping reviews the most important factors every player should know
So You Want To Win A Tournament offers fresh advice on how to score big money in handicapping tournaments
What Would A Winning Gambler Do? is a crucial question you need to consider before making a play
Finding Horses That Fit The Conditions explains how to analyze the conditions of a race to determine who might benefit from them
Book Reviews: Betting On Myself and Speed To Spare

August 2003 – Sold Out

July 2003 – Sold Out

June 2003 – Sold Out

May 2003 – Sold Out

April 2003 – Sold Out

March 2003

Single-Factor Handicapping reviews the win percentages and ROIs of a number of popular handicapping factors
The Best Tracks For Longshots looks at the percentage of longshot winners at dozens of tracks over the past year
A Realistic Look At A Player’s Workday is a minute-by-minute look at a professional player’s work schedule
Nailing An $86 Winner shows how a 40-1 shot was eminently handicappable
Beware The Monumental Trainer Change explains how some trainer switches may lead to big payoffs
You Finally Make A Score…Now What? looks at what you might do after you’ve made a big score
Book Review: The Perfect Ride
System Review: Hammering The Chalk

February 2003

How To Pick Contenders is an extended look at this subject of importance to every handicapper
Average Winning Margin By Track provides never-before-published details about a new way to help decide where to play
Late Changes–Stay Alert shows why it’s crucial to keep paying attention even after you’ve placed your bets
Deciding Between Best Bets And ‘Action Plays’ provides practical advice on how to allocate your wagering dollar
Complete Racetrack Schedules gives the 2003 racing schedule, website, phone, and symbol for every track
Book Review: Horse Racing Mysteries

January 2003

Tips From A Quarterhorse Pro is an insightful interview with a successful, big-betting quarterhorse player
More Winter Handicapping Tips continues the article that first appeared last winter, adding more special advice for this season
When Horses Come Out Of The Same Race shows how to evaluate animals who raced against each other last time
Don’t Combine Short-Priced Horses is important advice on money management which will help you avoid disappointing exotics payoffs
Horse Lost Rider Last Time–Now What? looks at an unusual handicapping angle
A Horse’s Appearance–What To Look For provides two new views on the subject of body-language handicapping
Another Look At Exactas Vs. Quinellas is a different take on how to calculate which is the better value in a particular race
Getting Ready For Gulfstream provides good angles for this meet

 December 2002

Inside The Fix Six takes you deep into the biggest scandal to rock racing in years–the attempt to fix the Breeders’ Cup Pick 6. Much new information is revealed in this exclusive ten-page report
When The Races Come Off The Turf shows how you can benefit when a race is switched from the turf to the main track
Don’t Take Short Prices On Assumptions explains how clues to a horse’s performance can easily become handicapping traps
Head-To-Head Wagering shows you how to find an edge on “match bets” that are available at some racebooks
Advice For The New–And Experienced Player gives you some useful insight from an Internet poster
A Method To Analyze Handicapping Claims provides a step-by-step procedure to use when assessing claims about handicapping
Getting Ready For Santa Anita looks at angles and statistics from handicapper Jim Mazur

November 2002 – Sold Out

October 2002

The Importance Of Post Position reviews how post statistics should be computed, and looks at various post biases around the country
After-The-Race Punches–An Explanation is a behind-the-scenes look at why a horse might drop from 4-1 to 2-1 after the race has begun
Is The Favorites-Longshot Bias Dead? reveals new statistics involving thousands of races
What To Do If You Like A Longshot shows you how to consider how to structure your tickets if you like a price horse
Sucker Horse Or Good Bet looks at a maiden with 15 starts and 6 seconds and comes to a surprising conclusion
Are You Prepared For The Breeders Cup? gives you advice on how to get ready for racing’s biggest day
The 5 C’s Of Handicapping is a succinct handicapping summary provided by an Internet poster

September 2002

Overbet Vs. Overlooked gives you a week’s worth of examples of races in which one horse may be overbet and another overlooked
The Best Races For Longshot Bettors explains Massa’s Volatility Index and shows how to find races in which longshots may do well
Don’t Be Fooled By TVG’s “Information” lists a number of handicapping and betting falsehoods heard recently over the network
Beware Of The One-Hit Wonder shows you what to look for when considering a horse who’s shown one big number
Short Term Vs. Long Term explains how a short-term betting plan might be a long-term betting disaster
Las Vegas Racebook List gives you the names of the managers and the phone numbers of the major racebooks in Las Vegas
Book Review: Ride Of Their Lives

August 2002 – Sold Out

July 2002

The Psychology Of Winning is a reasoned look at some of the elements that contribute to the success of horseplayers
Sean Clancy On Steeplechasing Handicapping provides the insights of a jockey who’s raced many times over jumps
The Dr Z. Place/Show Method Revisited offers new, detailed research in an effort to check the reliability of the Harville formulas
Modifying Your Ratings shows you what to do after you’ve downloaded or calculated power or speed/pace ratings
Calculating The Value Of Tournaments shows you exactly how to measure whether a tournament is worth playing
Getting Ready For Del Mar And Saratoga looks at these upcoming meetings
Book Review: From The Desert To The Derby

June 2002 – Sold Out

May 2002 – Sold Out

April 2002 – Sold Out

March 2002

Creating Your Own Speed Figures is Bill Olmsted’s comprehensive look on how to develop and analyze speed figures
Speed Figure Traps gives cautionary advice on some of the problems using such figures
Do Horses Run According To Their Odds? is a fascinating statistical survey from England
Which Bet Is Best? looks at how you should decide which pool to play in a particular race
Booklet Review: Mr. Trifecta

February 2002 – Sold Out

January 2002 – Sold Out

December 2001

Choosing A Phone-Betting Service tells you exactly which questions you’ll need to ask
Make A Horses-To-Watch List With A Difference is a unique spin on this handicapping aid
Separate Your Tickets To Avoid Underlays shows exactly how to do this, using sample tickets
New Internet Stat Site explains how a new site can give you up-to-date trainer statistics
Using Jockey Styles gives you an insight into how to use this aspect of handicapping
Getting Ready For Santa Anita provides some interesting stats on this big winter meeting
Book Review: Bet With The Best

November 2001Sold Out

October 2001

A Professional’s View Of Trips goes into details about how to watch races like a pro
Why Cutting Your Variance Is Important looks at how to avoid wild bankroll swings
Horse Was Eased Last Start–Now What? gives original research into this surprising angle
Should You Be Making Lists? goes into the types of lists you can make to help you win
Overcoming Negative Conditioning explains how “losing messages” can hurt your game
Getting Ready For The Breeders Cup gives you solid angles for this special annual event

September 2001

One Week At The Races explores the hows and whys of all the plays during one week of gambling
Beware The Off-The-Cliff Drop shows why big droppers may be good horses to play against
Are You A Lawyer-Handicapper? points out the pitfalls of this type of handicapping
Should You Use Session Bankrolls? gives the pluses and minuses of this betting plan
Love One Contender, Hate The Other Two shows what to do when you have three well-bet horses
Searching For Pool Discrepancies gives details on a new overlay-finding computer program
How Much Is A Good Return On Investment? looks at this important aspect of playing with a realistic eye

August 2001

Is Computer Handicapping For You? looks at some of the benefits from using a computer program
So Many Programs…So Little Time includes the most complete list of software programs ever, and advice on this method of handicapping
The Effects Of Blinkers looks at the performances of more than 20,000 first-time blinkered horses
Locking In Your Second-Leg Odds shows you how to lock in your win price for the second half of a daily double
Don’t Make These Interpretational Errors explains some common mistakes people make in interpreting handicapping data
The Importance Of Fraction 1 Rankings goes into why early speed is so significant in the search for longshots

July 2001 – Sold Out

June 2001

How Trainers And Jockeys Fit In explains the behind-the-scenes activities of these important players
Why Further Testing Is Crucial looks at three separate 1,400+ race tests of certain spot-play methods
Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Information? gives you advice on how to manage handicapping data
Some Advice For Tournament Players delves into the differences between tournament play and regular handicapping
Comparing Exactas, Quinellas, And House Quinellas reaches some astounding conclusions about which pools to play
When To Downgrade A Big Last Race gives solid advice on when to throw out a big last-out figure
You’ve Invested The Time–Now What? provides insights into what to do when you’ve spent a lot of handicapping a race
Value–An Overrated Concept? is a point-counterpoint look at this important topic
Book Review: Seabiscuit: An American Legend

May 2001 – Sold Out

April 2001 – Sold Out

March  2001 – Sold Out

February 2001 – Sold Out

January 2001

The Track Judge Reports shows you a different way of evaluating the past performances
Further Research On Sires looks at using median earnings per sire’s progeny in combination with other factors
Remember, They’re Horse Races considers two consecutive races at Bay Meadows from a pace perspective
It’s A New Year, So Start Keeping Records goes into how to set up record-keeping on the computer
Getting Ready For Gulfstream helps prepare you for the new meeting
Book Review: Exotic Wagering Formula

December 2000

Betting Horses From Europe describes the racing scene in Europe, and how to evaluate these horses when they arrive here
How To Get Great Trainer Stats For Free shows you a clever plan to build your own trainer database via the Internet
New Research On Maiden Droppers presents never-before seen stats on horses dropping into the maiden claiming ranks for the first time
Is Wheeling Ever A Good Idea? explains why this is a poor strategy, and what to do instead
Understanding ‘Garbage Time’ shows you why you can forget the bad past-performance lines of certain horses
Playing Against Perfect-Trip Horses gives you a checklist on finding those overbet favorites
Trainer Hot, Trainer Cold looks at whether a trainer is likely to stay either hot or cold
Getting Ready For Santa Anita provides winning angles for the upcoming Santa Anita meeting

November 2000 – Sold Out

October 2000 – Sold Out

September 2000

Neural-Network Handicapping reviews whether this type of handicapping software can help you win
Using Simple Arithmetic To Help You Succeed explains how to use simple math from junior high to figure value
Can You Pass This Math Quiz? presents problems and solutions for situations you find at the track
What To Do If You’re Alive For Big Money goes into what to do if you need one more winner to complete a major payoff
Should You Use Par Times? is a point-counterpoint look at this important subject
Rebate Wars Escalate reviews the latest news on how you can collect rebates and bonuses
Betting Value Averages shows you how to use this new handicapping tool, and goes into its origin
More Research On Why Closers Are Bad Bets presents some interesting research on racing styles
System Review: SAFE

August 2000

The Insights Of Caton Bredar gives you great handicapping tips from the well-respected television analyst
The Pros And Cons Of Betting From Home explores what you need to do to compete if you don’t go to the track
Are You Paying Attention To Post Positions? covers various ways of using this important factor in your race analysis
Brohamer And Turn-Time is a report by author Tom Brohamer about ways to use, and misuse, this handicapping element
When The Past Performances Mislead Your Opponents explains why it’s important to not just read charts, but to watch races
Many Ways To Increase your Bottom Line goes into a number of ways to wind up with more profit at the track
System Review: The Las Vegas Horseplayers Bible–Basic

July 2000 – Sold Out

June 2000 – Sold Out

May 2000

Getting Your Past Performances From The Comfort Of Your Home is an in-depth look at five of the most popular Internet pp sites
Can A Good Betting Method Save Your Wallet? looks at some popular wagering ideas
Finding Rebates: Difficult But Not Impossible takes you inside the hush-hush world of racetrack rebates
Analyzing The Morning Line is Jim Cramer’s study of the accuracy of the morning line at dozens of tracks
Never Underestimate The Traveling Veterans shows you how to spot a particular type of horse in the pp’s
System Review: The Predictor

April 2000

How Weight Affects A Horse’s Performance gives several ways of determining how a weight assignment may affect a horse’s final time
The Physics Of Effects Of Jockey’s Weights provides the results of exercise physiology studies involving the influence of weight shifts
Surveying The Influence Of Weight From Two Aspects continues our studies about the effects of weight, using speed ratings
Handicapping Tips From The Dorf reveals the winning secrets of one of the nation’s top trainers, Jerry Hollendorfer, in an exclusive report.
What’s Wrong With This Picture explains how to take advantage of pool discrepancies for profit
System Review: Racetrack Millionaire
Service Review: Miracle Maidens

March 2000 – Sold Out

February 2000

Great Trifecta Strategies goes into details about the best ways to play this bet, and includes a chart you can use to calculate your costs
The Best Favorites To Play looks at groups of favorites which, on a smaller study, appeared to show profit potential
Exclusive Interview With A Gambling Trainer gives you the insights of Breeders Cup winner and top handicapping trainer Julio Canani
Figuring The Value Of Racetrack Promotions shows how to calculate whether it is worthwhile making a trip for racetrack freebies
Breathing The Sweet Sea Air Of ‘Old Salty’ is a humorous look at the latest system pitch to appear in our mailboxes

January 2000 – Sold Out

December 1999

Andy Beyer On Winning is an in-depth interview with the gambler extraordinaire and developer of the Beyer figures
Comparing Methods To Select Pacelines looks at some of the ways computer handicappers pick pacelines, and shows which are most effective
Clever Method To Calculate Exotic Bets offers a free calculator that can, in an instant, calculate any cost for any type of bet
Why Race 1 Differs From All Other Races provides intriguing
Research on a factor that explains how Race 1 may be handicapped differently
Importance Of Estimating Your Payoffs explains the importance of not simply playing your contenders, but looking for value instead
When It’s A Two-Horse Race provides an answer to the question of what to do when the race looks to be between just two horses
System Test: Win-Generate 2000

November 1999

The Truth About Big Wins studies more than 600,000 last-out winners, with an emphasis on horses who won easily last time
A Trainer’s Story Of A Bet-Down First-Time Starter gives you insights into a late-action debut winner
Home Betting Threatened In California reveals the latest news about the suspension of home betting
How To Compile Your Own Database provides you with the nuts and bolts to set up your own handicapping database
Getting Ready For Fair Grounds offers trainer and other statistics for the upcoming meeting
Finding A 3-5 Shot Who Has No Chance shows you how to throw out an overbet choice
Knowing When To Quit provides a look at when, or whether, you should end your betting for the day
System Review: Space

October 1999 – Sold Out

September 1999

Are You A Compulsive Gambler? takes a serious look at a serious but often avoided subject
Basing Your Play On A Track Bias warns you about jumping to quick conclusions about bias while still recognizing their existence
When A Poor Last Race Is Excusable shows you how to get good prices on horses with seemingly bad last races
Stealing With A 4-1 Shot offers advice about what to do when a horse looks very good on paper
Progressions Regressions, Parlays looks at the theory of expectation and how these methods may affect your results
Track Rating Chart offers an A-B-C-D classification analysis of tracks around the country
Book Review: Razoo At The Races
System Review: Direct-50 Method

August 1999

Secrets Of A Full-Time Gambler shows you the life of a full-time player from New York
An Insider’s Look At Scratches will show you an entirely way to look at, and use, scratches in your handicapping
Rating Your Possible Plays–And No Plays shows when passing a race might be the best strategy
A New Look At Quirin’s Early-Speed Points provides some fascinating new statistical material on this handicapping aid
What Is A Long-Run Winning Player? is one professional’s perspective on this interesting question
So You Want To Bet From Home offers a step-by-step plan if you decide you want to play from your home
A Quick Look At Takeouts gives the takeout rates in two dozen states for various types of bets
Booklet Review: Weekends In Arcadia

July 1999

Inside The Selections Business is a fascinating report about those who sell their picks for a price
Video Replays: Are They Necessary? is a point-counterpoint discussion of this topic, featuring Dick Mitchell.
Tim Osterman’s Guide To Northern California Fairs gives you insights if you’ll be playing this very special circuit
Getting Ready For Saratoga and Getting Ready For Del Mar are Jim Mazur’s statistical looks into these upcoming meetings
The Brutal Reality of Racetrack Betting is an Australian writer’s look into the mathematics of professional gambling
System Test: Profits From Quitters

June 1999

Winning On The Turf is a comprehensive look at successful grass- handicapping strategies
Should You Pay For Workout Information? shows you what services are available to analyze morning workouts
After You’ve Handicapped, Pick The Right Strategy gives a number of example races with the best betting tactics for each
Betting On An 80-Point Beyer Rise At 15-1 shows how it was possible to find a longshot who won by 12 lengths and improved his Beyer by 80 points
Why The Heck Is This Horse Here? gives an example of how a horse’s record may not be what it seems
Book Review: Complete Idiot’s Guide To Betting On Horses

May 1999

How A Pro Handicapper Prepares For A Seminar is a detailed look at how Gordon Jones handicaps each day
A Quick Course In Handling Your $$$ gives you easy-to-follow ideas on each type of bet
Playing Against Prisoners Of Style explains how to take advantage of the probable race shape
Before Signing Up, Read This brings you the latest news on the home-betting front
Get To Know The Thoroughbred discusses body-language handicapping
Getting Ready For Belmont includes a number of useful statistics for this important meet
Horses For Courses looks at this handicapping factor
System Review: Insta-Pro System

April 1999

How To Win Big Money In Handicapping Tournaments shows you the best strategies for capturing hefty prizes
Predicting A Beyer Regression gives you some ideas that will help you throw out low-priced favorites
Pick 6 Riddle: Guarantees Vs. Carryovers explains how to calculate whether it’s worth playing these events
The Ten Best Handicapping Books tells you where you should spend your book money
Getting Ready For The Tax Man explains the rules about declaring your gambling wins and losses
Book Review: Turf Overlays
Service Review: Jerry J’s Power Page

March 1999

How To Play The Pick 3–And Win gives you the detailed strategies that work–and don’t work–for this frequently misplayed bet
Inside The Newspaper Handicapping World offers handicapping insights from a number of public handicappers
10 Rules Of Good $$$ Management provides sound advice on this important topic
Predicting A Forward Beyer Move explains the various reasons why a horse will jump up and run a much improved speed figure
Using Purse Values To Determine Class discusses two ways to use earnings to help separate contenders
Atlantic City Racebooks gives you the lowdown on all the New Jersey books

February 1999

Whatever Happened To Ron Ambrose? presents our exclusive investigation into the disappearance of the famed handicapper
When A High Sales Price Is A Negative explains how to use a horse’s high yearling or 2-year-old sales price as a minus
Does Foal Month Make A Difference is a statistical study of wins comparing foaling months with starters
Searching For Discrepancies explains how to find overlays in the place and show pools
Nevada Racebooks Outside Of Las Vegas gives a complete listing with comments
Getting Ready For Oaklawn presents some interesting trainer- jockey statistics for this meet
Tape Review: Introduction To Thoro-Graph
System Review: The Invisible Overlay

January 1999

The Most Detailed Lasix Survey Ever presents a never-before published study of the drug
Top Trainer’s Handicapping Insights gives you tips from Dale Capuano
Patterns: What Do They Mean–If Anything? provides advice on how to analyze stats you might find in handicapping articles
Point-Counterpoint looks at the pros and cons of multi-track betting
Getting Ready For Gulfstream And Santa Anita gives you great angles for these upcoming meets
Racing Across North America has the complete 1999 schedule as well as website addresses for every track

December 1998

The Bounce Factor presents several looks at this topic
Scheduling Your Bets gives you advice on how to plan your racing day
Another Look At “Overachievers” offers a new statistical study
Second-Time Starters provides the most detailed stats ever on this important subject
Roxy Roxborough’s Winning Tips is an interview with the famed oddsmaker
Racebooks Of Las Vegas gives you a thumbnail sketch of each racebook

November 1998 – Sold Out

October 1998

What About The Owner, How Owners Can Affect The Rest Of The Game, and From Bettor To Horse Owner cover this often-ignored topic
Using Par Times In Your Handicapping explains how to use them for a variety of purposes, as well as how to make your own
Should You Keep A Horses-To-Watch List? gives you two views
If They Race At Track A But Train At Track B gives you never- before-seen stats on this subject
Trifecta Combos To Fit Any Budget offers a clever way of building your tickets depending on your capital
Software Review: Bloodstock’s Insider Picks And Power Plays

September 1998

The Answer To ‘How Do You Handicap?’ takes an in-depth look at how I handicap six races (the six races of the first guaranteed $1 million Pick 6)…For each race, you’ll get the complete past performances and my analysis of every horse…I review every major factor for every contestant…The insights in this special issue are sure to help your own handicapping
Understanding Expected Win Percentage shows you an important statistical tool

August 1998 – Sold Out

July 1998

Tom Ainslie Looks Back–And Forward reviews the career of the legendary author and offers his handicapping wisdom
Looking For Oddball Angles gives you interesting ways to approach races
Deciding How Much To Bet answers this crucial question
Gordon Jones’s Pact With The Devil is the inside story of how one of America’s leading handicappers got hooked up with a questionable marketer
A Look At Tandem Races is a fascinating statistical study comparing horse vs. horse
Free Picks Abound On The Internet shows you where to find free selections
Law Of Averages–Not Really A Law At All explains why not every statistic returns to the mean
System Test: Best Of Four Method

June 1998 – Sold Out

May 1998

A Basic Primer On Pace shows you the basic pace configurations and explains how you can designate running styles
Predicting The Pace Scenario discusses how to separate horses whose lines look similar
Using Turn-Times is Tom Brohamer’s look at this important factor
Do Stickers Help In The Mud? reports the result of a survey of mud calks
How A Part-Timer Uses A Computer gives a recreational player’s suggestions on how to incorporate computers into your handicapping
Early Speed: Overbet, Overrated Factor? is a detailed look at early-speed horses
When Fast Workouts Mean Little Or Nothing gives guidance in this area
Can You Guarantee A Fixed Profit? looks at some methods that claim you can
Book Review: The Big Races
Phone Service Review: California Golden Boys
System Test: Hurrell Research Project

April 1998

Edgar Prado’s Handicapping Insights gives you tips from the nation’s winningest jockey
Are First-Time Starters Intimidated By The Rail? is the first statistical study on this question
Decoding The Condition Book and Inside The Jockey Agent’s Mind show you how to think like an insider and how to use this knowledge for profit
Should You Track Key Races? presents two opposing views of this handicapping plan
Parlay Betting–Good Idea Or Bad? shows you whether parlay betting is a useful strategy
Phone Service Review: Osterman’s Selection Service
System Test: Thoro-Cap

March 1998

How Trainers Can–And Can’t–Help Your Handicapping goes into many aspects of how to incorporate trainers into your handicapping …We show you a number of publications and explain how to interpret statistics, as well as provide the most comprehensive list of sources for trainer stats
A Trainer’s Day gives a fascinating insight into the daily life of a trainer…If you’ve ever been interested in trainer handicapping, you simply must get this issue

February 1998 – Sold Out

January 1998

Getting Serious About Trip Handicapping and Notes Of A Trip Analyst give you exact methods to improve your race-watching skills
Negative Workout Patterns shows you how to detect problems by studying the workout line
Racing Across North America gives you the complete 1998 schedule along with every track’s phone number and website address
But I’ll Hit One Eventually, Won’t I? looks at due-column methods
Takeout Report provides the takeout for every state for all types of bets
System Test: How To Win $100 To $1,000 Every Day At The Racetrack Without Handicapping

December 1997 – Sold Out

November 1997

How–And Why–To Do Odds Lines shows you step-by-step how (and why) to make an odds line, as well as how to check it
Inside The Morning Line is an exclusive interview with a morning linemaker
Gibbs Odds Line–The Magic Bullet? is a look at the only method which showed long-term profits in a SportStat test
Great-Looking Yearlings–Great Ones To Follow? shows how to use yearling prices in your handicapping.
Book Review: Wagering Strategy For The Racetrack
System Test: Magic Triangle

October 1997 – Sold Out

September 1997 – Sold Out

August 1997

Watching Pre-Race Warmups gives you new insights into this important factor
Confused About Claimers? Here’s A Guide explains the differences between claiming classes, and shows you who might be advantaged by the conditions
Playing Layoff Horses gives you guidelines on comebackers
The Wonderful Joys Of The Pari-Mutuel Admiration Society shows how conflicts of interest infect the handicapping business
Exactas Vs. Quinellas Vs. Neither shows you how to calculate which bet is better (it varies)
Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest looks at low-level claimers
Book Review: The Odds Must Be Crazy
System Test: Super Selectra

July 1997 – Sold Out

June 1997

Tackling A Pair Of Pick 6’s shows you a real-life handicapping day with carryovers at two tracks; it includes everything from how to make out the tickets to how to decide the amount to bet
Speed Figure Pattern Puzzles shows you a way to look at speed figures
Looking Deeper Into The Lifetime Record Box discusses a different way to use this handicapping factor
Say, Does This Losing Streak Ever End? goes into the hush-hush topic of losing streaks
Legal U.S. Phone Betting–The Latest Report gives full details on every legal U.S. phone-betting service
Book Review: The Unique Way To Make Money At The Racetrack
System Test: Beyer Positive Elimination

May 1997 – Sold Out

April 1997

Is Track Bias Biasing Your Selections? offers a different view of track biases
Physical Appearance: Don’t Get Caught In A Trap and Do Quick Pullups Matter? provide important–and surprising–information about body-language handicapping
The 900 Business: Here’s A Ground-Floor Opportunity reveals a seldom-seen side of the phone-selection business
Uncoupled Entries–Score Time For Trainers? is the first big statistical study about uncoupled entries, looking at how well the longer half of the uncoupled entry does
Who Does The Consensus Like? shows why the newspaper consensus might not be all it appears to be
How To Do Post Position Statisics explains the correct way of doing these stats
Should You Play Solo Or With Partners explains both sides of this issue
Book Review: Trackfacts: Examination of Data Bases
System Test: Power-Line-96 V.2

March 1997 – Sold Out

February 1997 – Sold Out

January 1997

Did A Phone Tout Steal His Competitors’ Picks? tells you about a phone selector who apparently didn’t bother to handicap
Getting An Edge Over Your Bookie explains how to get the most out of your action if you use a bookmaker, and gives advice if you sign up with an offshore book
Why Passing Races Is Crucial shows you how to skip questionable races
When Playing First-Time Starters, Forget Watching The Board is an intriguing statistical study
Those Pesky Vet Scratches shows which are serious and which are not
Book Reviews: Lone Speed Method, Kinkier Handicapping, On Track/Off Track
System Test: Cream Of the Crop

December 1996

Confessions Of A System Seller shows you exactly how he markets systems to gullible buyers
What If A Horse Shows No Workouts? gives a list of trainers who’ve done very well despite the fact that many of their horses show no workouts
Betting On Simulcasts gives you tips on betting those out-of-town stakes races
Don’t Overlook The Obvious provides a handicapping checklist
Are You A Follower Or A Contrarian? is a provocative look at handicapping strategies
Which Computer Program Is Best? tells you about computer handicapping methods, and explains why they’re difficult to check
System Test: Two-Factor System

November 1996

The Phony Workouts Of Phillips Newsletter exposes what really goes on in that publication
Guide To Legal Phone Betting explains all you need to know about this subject
Sheffield’s Winning Patterns tells you about that famous audiotape you received in the mail
Why Play A Horse At 9-1 But Not At 8-1 explains the importance of getting value
Tournament Strategies is a must if you play tournaments
System Test: Morning-Liner

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