These brief (5-12 pages) cover a particular handicapping topic

Beating The Bookmakers

Bookmakers may be illegal, but they’ll probably always be with us.  They offer credit, convenience, and anonymity.  And frequently, they offer rebates.  This report gives you the ins and outs of dealing with bookmakers.

Dutching For Fun And Profit

Betting two or more horses in a race to guarantee a profit is called “dutching,” and this report shows you the advantages and disadvantages of this type of play.  You’ll also learn a simple method for calculating how much to bet on each horse.

How To Make An Odds Line

Making a good odds line is the single most important skill a handicapper needs to succeed.  This report explains exactly how to construct one from start to finish.

Phone Touts: The Inside Story

Have you ever wondered about those telephone handicappers, or those folks who charge $500 for a hot one?  This report will help you decide whether to use a phone service selector.

Profiting With Speed Figures

This in-depth report covers both the par-times and projected-times methods of compiling speed figures.  It explains the problems and benefits of doing your own speed figures.

Statistics Made Simple

This report is a necessity if you’re going to be able to be able to judge the worth of handicapping ideas.  Among the topics covered: the importance of sample sizes, how one or two longshot winners may bias a sample, and how to interpret raw data.

Systems: Do They Work?

Before you invest in a mail-order scheme that promises instant riches, you owe it to yourself to get this report.  You’ll learn how systems are created and marketed–and whether some of them might actually do what they claim.

Tournament Strategies

Winning a handicapping tournament requires a completely different plan than simply winning at the races.  This report goes into the types of tournaments and what the best tactics are for each one.

Using A Computer In Handicapping

What equipment do you need to get started?  What programs are best?  What about downloading?  Will handicapping software help make you a winner?  It’s all here.

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